Super Bake Celebrate Ethics Day @ L’Oréal

Dear all, Super Bake visited L’Oréal Serbia on October 11, and together we celebrated Ethics Day at the company. For this sunny autumn day, our grannies brought some special treats and blew everyone away!

Granny Milica, Granny Dragana, and Granny Ana brought a large assortment of sweet and salty homemade treats. Granny Dragana was in charge of the salty snacks, and she made some delicious rolls with cheese, vegan galettes with rye and buckwheat flour, pumpkin & sesame seeds, other aromatic spices and a special pie called Kljukuša! The Kljukuša pie, as Granny Dragana says, is a special delicacy with chicken breast and parsley and of course, we served it while it was still warm! Yummy!

Even though everyone was blown away with the salty snacks, it was time to roll out the sweets. Granny Milica made some delicious “London” bars and Pressburger rolls as well as homemade vanilice cakes in the shape of hearts which melted in everyone’s mouths. And after the sweet treats which many of the participants haven’t tried since childhood, Granny Ana brought out her specialty, the queen of all Serbian cakes, the Reform cake!

We lit the candles and cut the cake, and everyone had a great time enjoying this authentic Reform cake with walnuts and chocolate. This wonderful day at L’Oréal was marked with the finest aromas, amazing flavors, and a great mood! We had such a nice time!