Super Bake @ Belgrade Crowdfunding Convention 2018!

The second Belgrade Crowdfunding Convention was held in Dorcol Platz on the 25th of September, and apart from 20 speakers and more than 200 participants, our Super Grannies also visited the event and shared their incredible cakes and joyful mood with all of us!

Granny Smilja, Granny Dragana, Granny Ana, and Granny Dušica prepared a delicious Rozen cake topped with dark chocolate, unique apple cakes with made without flour or added sugar, as well as the most delicious authentic treat: real, homemade vanilice! Our grannies served their cakes with joy during a short coffee break, and they especially impressed everyone by presenting the cakes on vintage plates and a retro tablecloth. It’s not even necessary to say that all the participants kept coming back for more and that the cakes were gone very quickly!

Mario Milaković, the founder of our Super Bake project participated in the group discussion “Rewards-based crowdfunding in the region – campaigners perspective” and shared his experiences about the Super Bake crowdfunding project that was successfully completed on Indiegogo.

Besides the fact that our Super Grannies made everyone’s day better and left everyone with a smile on their faces, they had a lot of fun, they had some coffee in the sun and shared their positive energy with everyone. We can’t wait for our Super Grannies to hang out with you again at other events and we wish to see you soon!