What makes Super Bake special and different from other cake shops is the fact that our cakes are made by real, actual grannies!

The group of senior ladies and grannies has joined together with an idea to, with love, share their delicious sweets with the community and give everyone who loves grandma’s cakes a chance to try them and to spend time with Super Grannies. The Super Bake team is here for everyone who misses the nostalgic taste from the past, when artificial flavouring, aromas, colours, additives, and flavour enhancers did not exist… when cake ingredients had simple names (butter, walnuts, chocolate, and similar) and not labels that remind us more of chemical formulas than actual cakes.

Super Bake are reviving that exact experience – visiting a beloved grandma’s home where she, with a lot of love, makes and serves the most delicious homemade treats.

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Super Bake is a workshop for baking authentic homemade cakes, sweets and other desserts which are prepared by senior ladies. Our grannies use authentic, decades-old and sometimes even a couple of generations old recipes. The goal of our solidarity initiative and workshop is to develop into a self-sustainable cake shop in the centre of Belgrade.


The name “Super Bake” has a double meaning. In Serbian, “bake” is the plural of “grandma,” making our name mean Super Grannies. We decided for “Super Bake” (with a capital “B”) so that we could give a special and additional tribute to the grandmas that are our true SUPER stars. And that doesn’t only include the grannies that are a part of our Super Bake team, but all the phenomenal grandmas out there!


Another thing which makes Super Bake unique is the fact that this initiative represents a “community for community” project. What does that actually mean? It means that, through this initiative, senior ladies make cakes which they offer to the community and that way, they give the community a chance to get access to purchase homemade (nonindustrial) cakes. On the other hand, cake lovers support Super Bake by buying our homemade cakes. In that way, the positive impact and contentment are mutual.

The goal of Super Bake isn’t to make a profit, but to be self-sustainable.


The solidarity economy is a value centred alternative economy and it is based on efforts that seek to increase the quality of life of the community through local businesses and not-for-profit initiatives. Social entrepreneurship is an innovative new approach for people to solve various economic, educational, health, ecological and social issues in their community through their work – by collaborating together and using sustainable business models. A social enterprise is an enterprise which operates with the idea to, with earnings realized through sales of products or services, complete a strong social mission.


Our social mission is to provide an opportunity for senior ladies to, through part time engagement at Super Bake, earn additional income on top of their modest pensions.

Also, the social aspect of this project is equally important – an opportunity for senior ladies to, through their engagement at Super Bake, enrich their social lives. With this activity, besides the fact that they spend time doing something they like, they earn recognition from the community (satisfied consumers) and restore their self confidence. For them, the reintegration in a work environment represents a renewed acceptance and belonging in the work collective, structure and community in which they continuously earn recognition, compliments, and attention for their work.

Through the Super Bake project, the group of senior ladies improves their wellbeing and livelihood: they are independent, physically active, emotionally and mentally empowered, and on top of all that, their budget is improved!


The majority of young people, in case their grandmothers and grandfathers have passed away, do not have any contact with seniors. We want to change that! This is why at Super Bake, cakes are made by grannies, and younger people help and work hard to make the whole project evolve. This connection between grannies and young people proves it’s possible to achieve a lot of things when we join together in solidarity, that our differences (only age differences, in our case) do not separate us but bring us together, make us stronger, better, and that we are creating a better environment for all of us together.


We live in a time of general and omnipresent ageism which starts much before retirement. Super Bake gives a positive example and a different practice when it comes to ageing. For us, the maturing process does not represent an ending, but a continuation and a new beginning. We promote active ageing and believe age is a privilege that is not given to everyone (because unfortunately, not everyone lives to grow old). That’s why, at Super Bake, we celebrate life in all its phases, and senior age is considered a period of maturity, experience and calmness, as well as a time in which we only do the things we consider important, in which we believe, things that fulfil us and bring us happiness.